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vasco diogo - bio

Born in 1970 in Lisbon. Experimental Director, Performer, Video Artist, New Media and Cinema Assistant Professor at University of Beira Interior (Covilhã-Portugal).
Arts and Communication Researcher at 

Communication Sciences PhD by Universidade Nova de Lisboa: "Video: Specificity, Hybridity and Experimentation" (scholarship of Foundation for Science and Technology - FCT), 2008.
Degree in Sociology and Master Degree in Social Sciences: 

aesthetics and ideology in Portuguese Cinema.
Former actor and co-creator at Projecto Teatral - Acarte/Maria Madalena Azeredo Perdigão Award, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 2003 .
Since 2000 produces experimental single channel videos, multimedia performances and video installations shown at several galleries, exhibitions and international festivals in Portugal, France, Germany, USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia, Canada, Brazil, India, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Argentina, Mexico and Spain.

In experimental Cinema Vasco Diogo has won more than 50 awards in international festivals.

Other areas of work: drawing, photography, poetry, electro-acoustic music, mixed media.

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